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Girly music

Ok so I have had the past week of from my job in the local nursery as it is half term. My intent was to be lazy all week and do nothing.

Within the  first few days I started getting bored, this was when I stumbled upon the magics of girly music and how I have missed it so much from my days of teeny pop culture, which consisted of listening to lousy bands that everyone liked and then targeting the individualls who listend to it and hypocritically calling them “trendies”.

Obviously my taste in girly music has changed since them days, I have evolved from the likes of Evanesence, Avril lavinge ( think thats how you spell it) to the wonderfull music delights of Regina Spektor, Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer,Meg & Dia and Randys Ripcord.

Still I find myself getting that happy feeling in my body that makes me want to sing out in a girly voice and bust out some semi-awsome dance moves in the kitchen, Only to die of embarrasment when my mothers fiance walks in the door to witness this hidious display, that one can only describe as their 50 year old aunty dancing to hiphop music at a engagement party(yes I’ve witnessed this last weekend at my cousins doo)

I have endulged myself so much in girly music this week that I am ready to expel all of  my musical preachings onto  my poor friends , who will face hypothetical execution if they dismiss my claims that this is the best thing to happen to music since cavemen decided that banging large rocks on heads makes for good percussion.

Now its your turn! Yes you the reader of my blog! Pack clean socks its preaching time!!!! =]

Watch this video                                                                                     PLEASE?

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